Conditions for Performance in Cambodia by Annie Jael Kwan

In 2018, Annie Jael Kwan, a friend and curator, took up residence at Java Creative Cafe as a researcher, focusing on performance in Cambodia. We sat down and had a long conversation about it.

I was fascinated by their work and why they did what they did. I spent many hours in conversations with artists, talking about them and their work. I particularly enjoyed the process of working with the artist’s ideas and making it accessible to the public, and creating an experience that reflected their concepts.

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Annie Jael Kwan is an independent curator and researcher based in London, and who works between Europe and Asia. As an experienced producer and curator, she has delivered numerous art projects in the UK and internationally since 2005, working with major arts and cultural institutions including the South Bank Centre, Geffrye Museum, Barbican Centre, Manchester Art Gallery, and the Live Art Development Agency.

Photo: Performance by Richard Streitmatter-Tran & Bui Kong Khanh in 2006, Java Creative Cafe, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.