Photographer + Curator

Born in 1976, Dana Langlois studied photography and fine arts, graduating with a BS degree from Andrews University (MI, USA). Fascinated by the texture and surprises associated with the use of film, she works with analog black and white photography. For her, photography is a tool to explore the stories and lives of others while capturing our common humanity. Whether working in documentary or performative photography she brings an attitude of respect, curiosity and empathy for the people she is working or collaborating with.

She moved to Cambodia in 1998 and for over 20 years she has worked with Cambodian and Diaspora artists in a time of intense creativity and reconstruction that followed the tragic destruction of the country’s cultural identity. She is the founder and artistic director of multiple arts initiatives, including Java Creative Café, formerly known as JavaArts (since 2000) for which she produced hundreds of exhibitions and art programs, bringing visibility to many artists; Our City Festival, a nation-wide art and urbanism festival (2008-2014); and Creative Generation, an award and incubator for young artists (since 2017).